Pneumatic power, 
mechanical control.

ARÍA, your friendly finishing

the pneumatic technology that simplifies your work.
The first laminator in the world capable of combining
pneumatic drive with mechanical precision.
Laminating and paneling have never been so easy.
Complex, large-scale operations can be performed 
by a single operator with the highest precision
and under conditions of absolute safety.


action movie


ARÍA Plus model

at work.




processes performed rapidly and precisely
by a single operator.




Rapid positioning and clamping

of the media to the board with a

simple click. 
Arms for holding the boards at the input and output. 
Pneumatic crushing control (Arìa plus)
Motorized mechanical control for a precise adjustment of the pneumatic crushing pressure across the entire width of the media, always ensuring that the best result is obtained.

Mandrel shafts


Mandrel shafts made of bending-resistant ribbed aluminium with built-in brake

lining for efficient and immediate
control of the film tension.
Swivel shafts for rapid and safe
loading of the reel with a single operator.
Easy positioning and locking of the

reel on the shaft without the aid

of forklift trucks,

tools or service wrenches.

Removable benches


Benches made of ribbed anodized aluminium with a non-stick effect.
Blade guide slots to allow the cut to be made directly on the surface of the bench
without damaging the sliding surface.
Front bench with graduated ruler corresponding to the mandrel shafts 
to bring all the reels installed perfectly

into line.
Removable benches to facilitate threading of the laminating film and printed media.

Mounting arms


Patented sliding arm system

for supporting the boards on

the work surface.
Retractable arms built

into the laminator (Arìa plus).

Multifunction display


Crushing pressure control.
Saving work parameters.
50 memory steps.


- A complete range made to impress -


168 PLUS

Maximum working width

168 cm



168 STD

Maximum working width

168 cm



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