- laminating and cutting  -


laminating and cutting 
in a single pass.

High-precision, standard laminating.
Cutting and paneling operations

Roll to roll and edge trimming.
Automatic cross-cut with cut lines.
Automatic cross-cut without cut lines.
Vertical multicut.
Automatic positioning of the upper roller.
Automatic rewind.
PLC Touch Control of functions.
Mounting on boards with thickness of up to 40 mm.
Self-learning scanner reader.
Cut&Stop Line System.
Remote servicing via LAN.



action movie


the only laminator-cutter in the world
two machines in one.



Italian technology.

scanner reader


Advanced scanner for precision detection of predefined cut-lines.
Self-learning function for reading new cut-lines or coloured backgrounds.
“Cut&Stop Line System“ automatic stop of the cutting process in progress to 
allow a new cutting media to be positioned.
“Cut-menu“ manual touch-screen setting of the required cutting formats without crop marks.
Possibility of timing cutting delays or advances with respect to the printed marks.

Verti-Cut tension system


The “Verti-Cut tension system“ system maintains the media to be cut at the

tension necessary to make consistently perfect vertical cuts.
Verti-Cut enables the operator to cut

many single or paired materials

commonly considered very difficult.
The vertical cutting system may consist

of multiple single or double blade knives.
Knives positioned and blades replaced

in a few seconds.

Orizontal cross cutter


Cross cutter with automatic downward and upward stroke to ensure dropping of the media and waste material that has been cut.
Safety pad for securing the media to be cut to reduce waste to a minimum.
Bidirectional cutting feed to optimize machining times.
Knife positioning sensors and position indicator to ensure absolute safety.
Timed blade wear detection.

Perfect lamination
Electronic control of reel tensioning.
Manual touch screen setting of the
required cutting formats.
An authentic user-friendly control
centre at every operator’s service.
Total control
Touch screen for controlling and performing all functions and automatic mechanisms.
Automatic positioning of the upper
roller at the selected height.
Creation of formulas, by saving thework parameters used.

Combicut, optimizes your work

- Paper PVC PET Magnetic materials Cardboard Fabric ... -

Roll to Sheet


horizontal by reading the references

cutting or manual insertion of the

required lengths.

Roll to Multi Sheet

Horizontal sectioning.
Vertical multi-cut.
Cut & Stop System

Roll to Roll 

Lateral deburring
of the roll.
Automatic rewind.

Standard Lamination

Roll protection printed with adhesive film. Automatic rewind.


Quick and perfect mounting of

self adhesive sheets

on rigid substartes

Max tickness of






Maximum working width

230 CM



168 P

Maximum working width




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